Caring for a baby monkey is not rocket science but it does require A LOT of time, patience, and commitment. I will try as best I can to describe my experience raising a baby monkey. If anyone has additional information they think I should add, please feel free to send me an email.


I began diapering Joey from the first day I got him. Since he was so small, I had to improvise. I bought those small baby towels that are about 5 inches x 5 inches, and cut a panty liner in half. I folded the little towel towards the middle on the right and left side, and then put the liner in the middle. I would then slide it under, unfold the 2 upper flaps under him & the lower corners under him. I would then connect all 4 flaps on his back and would use a bobby pin to hold it all together. (see pictures below for better idea. I know it sounds a little confusing.) I always kept Joey on his bear when diapering him. I did not grab his so that I would not stress him out.

Step 1: Grab small baby towel.

Step 2: Fold one side towards middle, then other side.

Step 3: Place half of panty liner, sticky side down, in middle of folded towel.

Step 4: Pull together 2 tabs under monkey around back, and then 2 tabs over, placing tail in the middle of the 2 tabs that fold over.

Step 5: Pin all tabs together

monkey with towel/panty-liner diaper.

I began using preemie diapers when he was about a month and a half. Those are much easier. I just cut a hole in the front of the diaper, slip his tail through, then I hold his legs and slip the diaper under, unstick the tab and wrap them around his back.(Remember on monkeys diapers go on backwards so they can’t take them off.)