We are proud of the primates that we breed and care for, and make sure they get the best quality diet possible. Our goal is to offer our clients the healthiest and strongest monkeys.

Our babies are handled daily to ensure that they bond perfectly with humans and are tame companions.

All babies are seen by a vet with primate experience.

We offer our clients an outstanding support system, before, and after the sale of one of our finger monkeys. We make ourselves available for our clients 24/7, and welcome any and all questions that they may have.

Health Guarantee

Absolutely, we offer a one-year genetic health guarantee.


The buyer can hire a transporter to deliver. We Love our Monkeys and we recommend a transporter for the buyer to hire. We shipping our primates by air,  and provide licensed to the transport company

We are selling within the United States and other countries for more information about the countries we ship to make sure you contact us for more information before making the decision.

we like to give them out from 16 weeks I stead because we want fame the monkey to be domestically intelligent and friendly with people and human environment which will enable it to stay with its owners, and we have the best temperament

Are they tamed?

Yes, they’re very tamed, if hand fed. A monkey is the sweetest little animal that you could ever own.


Are deposits refundable?

Deposits and payments for our animals are NOT REFUNDABLE. No exceptions.

Why purchase a pet from Monkey Home?

We are licensed through to operate, care for and own our animals.

We are here for the animals, spend time with them and give them lots of love. Not to make a quick buck.

90% of our monkey’s diet are fresh fruit and vegetables, what we prepare twice a day.  The health and happiness of our animals come first and foremost. In truth, just four nations—Brazil, Madagascar, Indonesia, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC)—harbor. Are our foundation.


Will you take in unwanted monkeys?

If you obtained a monkey and can no longer care for it, we will take in certain primates in need of homes if we have available space. We offer a no questions asked return option on all of the animals that we sell. If at any time after the sale you no longer are able to keep your monkey we will take them back. We do not “buy” any animals back.

Do I have to bottle feed my monkey?

They will need to be fed with a syringe a few times a day, depending on their age. You can get a feeding schedule from us, that you can follow.


What size cage will I need?

Usually for one or two marmosets or capuchin, we recommend a 36″ x 30″ x 48″ cage.


To transport you will need a small pet carrier
At home, you will need a Cage (a small finch cage ) one foot, by one foot will Suffice until the monkey is about 3-4 months old and then will need a larger cage
2-4 months old 2′x2′ cage still with small holes (like for finches)
Monkey Biscuits zupreem to be used at 9 weeks and up.
Baby Formula (Enfamil A.R. Lipil, No Spit up Formula) pink and gold Can ( 2 level scoops of Enfamil mixed with 4 oz of FILTERED water ( shake vigorously ), do not use tap water or outside hose water) put the syringe under the heating pad for 5 minutes ( no longer ). Never feed cold milk. Will cause diarrhea. Rinse the syringe thoroughly and then put the empty syringe back in the refrigerator to keep bacteria away.
You will need a 3cc syringe, 6 cc syringe and a 10cc syringe (Feeding Schedule Below)
Small clear plastic shaker container to mix formula with oz measured on the side
Small Feeding Bowl ceramic only. Hamster bowl is best. 2 inches in diameter.
Heating pad with NO shutoff feature, it must stay on at all times on the lowest temperature under the carrier
Small stuffed animal about the approx size of your fist, this will be kept in the cage at all times for cuddling • 2 full-size towels and 3 hands/dish towels for bedding
Bedding and the stuffed animals should be washed every 3 days, no special detergent required.